Thursday, September 11, 2008

Colorado Updates

*Whew* It is a whirlwind here. In two weeks I have been to two festivals, a play, a concert, A VERY cool historical old flour mill, more than a couple lunches and dinners, drinks all around, open mic night, been hit square in the chest by at least one frisbee and narrowly missed by several others (there is a new sport called 'frisbee golf' that is all the rage here. I found out the hard way during a walk through the park)... and that's just what I can remember off the top of my pointed head. I even went to see my good friend Lev do his storytelling at a local school Monday, which was really cool, an interesting art form. A rich social life has plopped itself right in my lap.

Add to that the Planetarium visit Monday night, and band rehearsal, and I have been one bizzy guy.

Friends old and new are coming out of the woodwork and offering their support and help (not to mention good food and good wine) along my journey. I am very grateful and a bit overwhelmed.

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