Monday, November 17, 2008

No 1 Left Standing

I went to hear my nephew Brenden's band, No 1 Left Standing - in the final elimination round for the KBPI Best Band In Denver contest.
They were absolutely awesome! Without a doubt, they rocked the hardest, were the most unique, and had the most distinctive personality.

Here is a link to their YouTube videos:
Check them out. The song "Jimmy Tha Kid" is where Brenden really shows his personality on the guitar. The kid has chops! the kid has groove! The kid ROCKS!!!
Here is their MySpace page:

I had the most awesome time standing by the side of the stage and watching my nephew playing live. He is living the dream, loving every minute of it, and taking it even farther than I ever did.
They made it to the top 3, and now it's down to the voting.

And now, it's down to the wire - this is the moment of truth. The final voting is taking place right now.
Do me a favor-
Go to
and vote for No 1 Left Standing.

Winning this competition is my nephew's BIG BREAK. This means that they open up every KBPI show for an entire year, including Mudvayne, Hoobastank, and many others. Last year's winner got signed with a record company. This could be it for him!!!

I am so proud of Brenden, He has taken what I taught him, and kicked it up several dozen notches. He works his keyster off for this band - they played over 100 gigs last year. They work hard, and he loves playing music.

And besides, he's really, really good. Yes, I am biased, and YES, it's TRUE.

So go to the following link:
And vote for his band, No 1 Left Standing.

Do it for my nephew. Do it as a favor for me.

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