Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bubble Rings MOVIES!!!

Okay, two caveats:
1. The quality of the video is not exactly the best. However, I am selecting only the video clips that show the various aspects as best as I can get them with my camera.
2. You will see and hear the word 'awesome' repeatedly. It's inevitable.

More movies.

Here you can see the creation of the bubble ring.

Up for air, and 'Shazam!' I swear it's like magic.

Keep your eye on the area in front of her rostrum (nose.) She breaks the big ring and makes a smaller one, pushing it along.
This morning, my friend Chris was there, he had never seen the dolphins do bubble rings before. He was amazed.

Upside down.

Simply amazing. You can't tell me they aren't having fun.

And here is one doing what I call 'the wobbly infinity symbol.'

Watch as he circles back around.

This morning I was exploring the capabilities of my digital camera while watching the dolphins. I caught one of the dolphins doing bubble rings, but this time, in a movie!

I can only think of one word...


It gets a bit blurry as she moves away into the distance, but she is playing with the ring all the way to the end.

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