Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I decided to do a few uniquely Florida activities while I'm still here. So I spent the afternoon at Gatorland, one of Orlando's most unique attractions. I really enjoyed the experience.

It was a hot day, upper 90's with a billion percent humidity. The weather report was upper 90s, but said that the heat index made it 'feel like' 105. At one point, I had sweated all the hydration out of my body, there was nothing but air... and my armpits began to whistle!

The marshland was spectacular. The way the park is designed, with the pathways going through the marshland, and the observation tower, is brilliant, and really preserves the feel of a natural habitat.
The people there are very friendly. I got to pet a baby gator, I even tried my hand at feeding the big boys while I was there:

Oh yes, those gators are real.

The legendary Gatorland entrance:

The marshlands:

The observation tower:

Some of the local inhabitants...
The gators:

A cute lil' guy:

Some big ol' crocodiles:

The birds were awesome. I had to be careful not to use up my entire memory card before I got to the gators and the shows:

Speaking of shows...
The was Gator Rasslin':

And the Gator Jumparoo Show:

There were other shows, but I was having so much fun I missed a couple of them. I was not worried, as I was having a blast.

The Exit:

I highly recommend Gatorland to anyone visiting Orlando. There's nothing else quite like it!

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